• Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, Chair Massage, Couples Massage and More

      No matter what kind of massage or holistic healing methods you're looking for, Vitality's got you covered. Reduce muscle soreness, decrease stress, improve blood flow - there are so many benefits to regularly visiting a licensed massage therapist! Click these links to book a Senior Massage or Prenatal Massage.

      Swedish Massage

      Also known as relaxation massage.

      Intra-Oral Massage

      The use of Myofascial Release techniques to relieve the TMJ muscles of tension and spasms that cause headaches and difficulty with the jaw.

      Deep Tissue Massage

      Massage with a deeper pressure than a relaxation massage focusing on deeper layers of muscle. This is used for chronic pain and contracted areas such as a stiff neck.

      Couples Massage

      Aromatherapy & CBD Oil

      Request Aromatherapy or CBD Oil with any massage.

      Chair Massage

      Relieve tension and stress by focusing on acupuncture points without the use of lotions and oils while staying fully clothed.

      Reiki Massage

      Reiki massage includes very little, if any, touching of the patient.