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      Price: $50 for a 60-minute Reiki Massage.


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    • Meet Linda Grajzl

      I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, where I was adopted by wonderful parents. My dad took a job here in Ohio in the early 70’s, so we all made the trek here then. I just recently found some of my biological family and have been welcomed with open arms.


      I am the mother of three children and a step child. I have 7 grandchildren and am truly blessed to be part of all their lives.


      I live in Brecksville with one of my sons (Michael), our dog(Roxie), and cat (Tikcat – long story), two turtles (Guinness and Corona) and goldfish (these were turtle food until the turtles stopped eating them – so never named).


      I was introduced to Reiki in 2013 when a childhood friend gifted me some reiki sessions. I was immediately intrigued and soon began my study of becoming a reiki master. I look forward to sharing my experience and knowledge with others – giving to others and helping to alleviate one’s stresses in life which can lead to pain and sickness.

      I am excited to be teaming up with Nikki Woods at Vitality Holistic Healing!!!


      Thanks to Nikki for this wonderful opportunity!

      Introduction to Reiki - What is Reiki?

      Reiki energy is a high vibrational energy that can be channeled via means of an attuned person and used to effectively interact with our personal bodies to relieve stress and promote an overall feeling of well-being.


      Reiki energy is part of the Universal Divine, the life force energy that is within every living thing. Reiki itself means “Rei” = God/Sun, “Ki” = Light, life, energy, and describes a connection that is tapping into the energy of all that is.

      This energy can have many relaxing, restorative beneficial and ultimately positive effects on a person when channeled and used. The high vibrational energy is filled with a feeling of love and ultimate acceptance. Results can feel different depending upon the practitioner’s skill level and personal interaction with the client. Every experience is varied depending on the needs of the client. Every practitioner’s energy is also unique.


      The Reiki energy can be; but, it is not the personal energy of the practitioner. It does what it will and goes where it needs to go. It is not up to the practitioner to determine the effects of the Reiki, but to facilitate a connection with the energy and its positive whole-balancing effects.


      Reiki’s Origin

      Reiki energy is not a man-made energy. It is the divine energy of the cosmos and the life energy of the world. Many cultures have found healing and holistic modalities to tap into these energies in some form or another. The practice of Reiki is similar to the laying-on of-healing-hands technique that has been used in many cultures throughout time. There are many different hand-on modalities of practice. Reiki is one type of practice.


      What are some reported positive effects? What can it do for me?

      Reiki is only capable of good. The high vibrational energy level of the Reiki energy promotes a state of completion within the body. Exposure to Reiki energy helps to facilitate this and many positive effects have been reported as a result.


      What does a session involve?

      A typical Reiki session lasts from 60-90 minutes. The client can either sit or lay, although in a traditional session, the client will be laying down. The client remains clothed. There are a series of hand positions that the practitioner will use on the client and each is correlated with a different organ on the body as well as a point or vortex within the body’s circulation system. A simple touch can effectively pass on the energy. It can also be passed with no touch at all or sent across distances effectively.